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Stay prepared for storms


It is never a bad idea to be prepared for storms, especially if there is a chance for a power outage. During the winter, this can be essential to staying safe and warm. Having a backup generator can keep things running smoothly. The generator can ensure that the heating/cooling is fully functional along with appliances, including the refrigerator and smartphones. Here are a few tips to find your perfect generator.

  • Generators are sold by wattage. That being said, a 5,000 watt generator is sufficient to power the basics of a home.
  • Determine if the generator you are looking for is one that you are wanting to start automatically when the power is out or if you are wanting to use it for more than one purpose and are fine with starting it on your own during an outage.
  • Ask about safety options. The generator produces carbon monoxide that is invisible and odorless, it can also be quite dangerous.
  • Consider getting one with “smart” features. Newer models are now able to send texts when the generator switches on or needs to conduct a diagnostic test.

Credit to: Jamie Sutton, Huntington Bank