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Often first-time home buyers are unaware of what is needed before finding the perfect home.  Asking real estate questions can be scary and some find themselves to embarrassed to ask for help.  Here is some advice to first-time home buyers regarding what is needed and why.

  • Check your credit- If credit is below a 580, raising your score may be your number one priority. Often a score of 660 will give you access to most loans and programs.
  • Pick a lender- This is an important step regarding finding the right loan program for you. Consult multiple lenders for all options.
  • Save a down payment- 20% down is idea for the best loan term, however, there are programs that allow for as little as 3.5% down. Check out MyOhioHome.org or Down-PaymentResource.com.
  • Get pre-approved- A preapproval letter will help bypass those who can’t demonstrate the ability to close the deal.
  • Don’t stretch yourself-It is recommended not to go above 25% of your income. This way you have room for the other investments in your life.
  • Pick a real estate agent- Buyer’s don’t pay their agent’s commission, so it is important to use all available resources. And, real estate agents are your best resource.
  • Decide what’s essential- Do this before you start your house hunt, it may be too hard to define what is essential under a deadline. Don’t just plan for immediate needs, but needs 5 years down the road as well.
  • Be prepared to act- Buyers receive multiple offers , so it is important to act quickly and with your best foot forward. In a seller’s market it is often the buyers who miss out.
  • Exploit your advantages- As a first time home buyer an offer isn’t contingent on the sale of a previous home. Also, flexible occupancy dates may be in your favor.
  • Relax- Missing out on your dream home is worse than buying the wrong home. Homes will continue to come on the market!


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