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christmas safety


  1.  Make sure gifts aren’t visible from outside.
    • As nice as it is to see a tree with gifts beneath it through the window, it also allows burglars to size up your home.
  2. Watch what you post on social media.
    • Burglars search social media to see what gifts people received and when people are going out of town.
  3. Be careful about disposing of packaging.
    • Burglars tend to look through trash to see type of gifts that may be present in the home.  Don’t let packaging sit out for days.
  4. Don’t run external lights through a window.
    • The little wedge left from the cord is enough for a burglar to pry their way in.
  5. Make sure your home is well-lit.
    • The use of floodlights and motion activated lights may help deter unwanted visitors.
  6. Put your lights on a timer.
    • If it appears as though someone is home (even when the house is empty), the more likely a burglar is to bypass the house.
  7. Make use of Motion Sensor. 
    • They could be used to trip lights or an alarm.  Both will likely deter an “funny business.”
  8. Be wary of door to door donation seekers.
    • Unfortunately, burglars use charitable organizations asking for donations as a cover to take a peek inside a home.
  9. Secure your home.
    • Check doors and windows to make sure all locks are intact.  It also wouldn’t be bad to invest in a home security system, if you haven’t done so already.