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An interior designer can scan a space in seconds.  A lot of things can stand out, and not always for the best reasons. While these snapshot judgments may seem to hit home for some people, they are entirely fixable!

  1. A wonky flow. Does the furniture placement promote good flow of traffic?  A common element in a room is to have a focal wall.  This wall can be anchored by a fireplace or television, which means the chairs and couch should be arranged to face this point without causing you to awkwardly walk around them.  Less is more.  Remove extraneous chairs and side tables to create a more natural path in and out of the space.
  2. Poor lighting. A common problem in most households is that the overall look is dark and drab due to the lack of the right kinds of light (natural is always best).  Sit in each chair or section of the room, and determine whether you can read easily.  If not, add in the missing table or floor lamps; don’t rely on one big overhead light.
  3. The insane amount of clutter. Eyes will immediately come to rest on a hot mess.  Just because you have it doesn’t mean it needs to be on display.  Pick a few favorite pieces to show off and put the rest away.
  4. A lack of theme. If your pieces don’t work well together or there’s no unifying color or theme to the rooms, the whole look can feel off.  Make it better by choosing a neutral palette and then introducing a couple of coordinating hues.
  5. That (ahem) smell. As a homeowner, you’ve become inured to your own odors, but an outsider can smell a scent right away.  Pets are the most obvious of smells, followed by cooking and odious candles.  Open windows as often as you can to air out stale spaces.
  6. The state of your loo. Your bathroom must be pristine!  Interior professionals (and potential buyers) will look with a critical eye at every bathroom in your home.  A dirty bathroom, will convince anyone that the entire home isn’t clean, even if it is.  Towels must be fresh, grout should be clean, and clear your counters of personal items!
  7. No sense of scale. Most people buy whole packages at the furniture store instead of choosing complementary items in the correct sizes for their home. To fix this, try to mix and match your styles and the stores where you shop.
  8. A lack of personal style. A lack of personality in a home means your space will appear boring or sterile. Or worse, straight out of a catalog.  It is always a fun idea to jazz up your home with art you love, mementos from a trip, or a collection that has special meaning.