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Whether your preparing to move or preparing for the winter, it’s time to downsize your clutter.  Here are some helpful tips to get you headed in the right direction!

  1. If you don’t use it 80% of the time, toss it. One of idea is tossing (or donating) all impulsive or experimental purchases, as well as getting rid of any pieces that are so specific that they’re impractical.  Think of all those holiday decorations you swore you’d use. Ultimately, less is more.
  2. Don’t get a storage unit. Off-site storage is not your friend. Often people send things away to storage because they don’t truly need them, but they are not ready to say goodbye.  And if you’ve made the mistake of putting something in storage, toss it after a year.
  3. Differentiate between decoration and clutter. The line between decor and clutter can get fuzzy. It has a lot to do with each homeowner’s personality. Once a shelf gets too busy visually, you have too much. Multiples of an item tend to make it impossible to appreciate the aesthetic of any one thing.
  4. Sell items with resale potential. Take a look through what you’re getting rid of. Books, crystal vases, tableware, and baskets have potential resale value, as do decor vintage items. To gauge if something is trash or treasure, she says to check for a few things: Is this piece signed by an artist or does it have a significant maker’s mark on it? Is this piece one of a kind or is it from a limited-production run? Is this piece made of expensive metals (silver, gold, or platinum)? Is a book a first edition or illustrated by a notable artist?
  5. Sell art with value. What you can get money back on when it comes to art may surprise you. Value in the art market can vary from region to region. Original pieces signed by the artist (even if you’ve never heard of the artist) consistently resell well, as do prints by first-rate artists like Picasso and Miró. Check out an online resource, like Everything But The House, with archives that give examples of what items are currently worth at market.
  6. Keep what you love. Keep only the items that spark joy. Nothing is worse than holding onto things that are mediocre!”
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